I Finance Construction is strategically aligned with Construction Services to provide the most affordable financing for our clients. 

Jackie Hilchuk is an Independent Mortgage Agent working with over 35+ lenders and specializes in Residential, Commercial and Construction financing.  We have specialized expertise in the Construction Financing world.

Email: jackie@ifinanceconstruction.com to sign up for the latest mortgage products and news.

  Private Lenders are available who will go up to 100% LTV on a case by case basis
  Clients with bruised credit, bankruptcy or self employed non-provable income can qualify for a mortgage
  Applications can be conveniently taken over the phone or in person
  Cottage Properties or 2nd homes qualify with most banks and private lenders on a case by case basis

There are many factors to take into consideration when applying for mortgage financing.  Ideally an agent will work hard to get you the best deal and want to work with you in the long term.  My personal goals when working with clients is to provide them with the best service I can and get them the best deal out there.  I meet with Lenders on a continual basis for the latest products and guidelines.  I pre-qualify you before I send the deal.  Please call my direct line 416-566-7344 cell or the office at 905-761-1512.